Frequently Asked Questions





1. What types of Dorelan Mattresses can I buy online?
You can buy independent pocket spring mattresses and variable elastic response LFK open spring mattresses. Dorelan spring mattresses offer firm yet comfortable, anatomically-correct restorative support. Designed for those who prefer traditional, firm and stable support but don't want to sacrifice the benefits of Dorelan innovation and high quality, they bring you innovation at the service of tradition. For further details, please see the product descriptions for each type of mattress: SLEEP COMFORT PLUS or SLEEP COMFORT.
2. How can I find out which type of mattress I slept on during my cruise?
There are two type of mattress in the Sleep by MSC Online Shop: Sleep Comfort  and Sleep Comfort Plus. The latter is the mattress in MSC Yacht Club cabins and suites.
3. What are the features of independent pocket spring mattresses?
Thanks to their variable elastic response, every spring behaves "intelligently", adapting its top part to different weights and every movement, while still always providing firm support in its centre zone.
Their exclusive shape-retaining structure with 330 independent springs per square metre is enhanced by luxuriously welcoming Memory foam and Fiberbugs stretch ticking to offer outstanding ergonomic support for healthy sleep comfort.
4. What are the features of LFK open spring mattresses?
Thanks to Dorelan's Massage System, they offer perfect body support, excellent resilience and comfortable ergonomics without sacrificing welcoming softness.
Their exclusive shape-retaining LFK open spring structure with 260 springs per square metre and soft Compact ticking with Blade Quilting combines anatomical support with wonderful sleep comfort.
5. What's a Topper and how do I use one?
Dorelan's special toppers are designed to alter or correct the firmness of a mattress.
But Toppers also have benefits beyond controlling the ergonomics of your bed system, protecting and extending the service life of a mattress in terms of hygiene and normal wear and tear.
Generally speaking, a topper has the same features as the quilting and ticking of a mattress, since it is made of the same things: fabric, quilting that sometimes includes polyurethane foam, and non-woven fabric.
Appropriate maintenance information is provided on the product itself, including washing instructions.
For further information, see the Sleep Cover Topper and Myform Memory Air® Topper product pages.
6. What types of pillows can I buy online?
You can choose from four pillow models with two different filling materials: Myform (Air or Memory) or traditional feather and down. Dorelan pillows are valuable allies in your rest. The natural complement to a mattress, pillows can significantly enhance your rest and improve the quality of your sleep. Choose the model which helps you best tailor the overall experience for your sleep comfort.
You'll find further information on our product page, covering all 4 pillow models:
All Dorelan pillows are machine washable and clear maintenance instructions are provided on the product label

7. What are the features of Dorelan bed bases?
Dorelan bed bases feature practical advanced construction solutions and are built for strength and a long service life. What's more they're highly functional, optimally meeting the stresses to which the mattress is subjected using laminated beech slats which are both extremely resilient and hold their shape.
Our bed bases are made of beech, long considered the most hard-wearing wood. The slats in particular are made of laminate to provide the best balance of resilience and flexibility to support the mattress.
The distance between the bed base slats has been optimised to enable the mattress to breathe as it needs.
The purpose of the slats is to cushion some of the sleeper's weight, which the mattress transfers to the bed base. The convex shape of the slats plays an important role in creating resistance in those areas where the weight of a body lying on the mattress is concentrated, such as the hips.
Double bed bases feature a longitudinal central support beam with centre leg to stabilise the structure and offer optimal load bearing without centre sag.

8. What are the features of the SLEEP BED BASE F?
The Sleep Bed Base F is made of beech laminate, fully respecting the most rigorous consumer health standards and only ever using water-based varnishes in its construction. The bed base slats are varnished and polished without any harmful additives or chemical colourants. Beech wood is the perfect choice due its strength and resilience.
9. How do the stiffness adjusters on the bed base slats work?
The stiffness adjusters on the bed base slats slide so their performance can be tailored to the sleeper's needs and preferences. If you want softer support in the lumbar region, simply slide them in towards the centre of the bed base. Whereas if you want firmer support, on the other hand, simply slide the adjusters outwards.

10. What are the Mattress Covers made of and how should I wash them?

The Sleep Mattress Cover is made of a breathable stretch fabric called Fibersan which features an anti-dust mite treatment with essential oils of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus.
All Dorelan mattress covers are machine washable and clear maintenance instructions, including washing instructions, are provided on the product label.
Please see the mattress cover product page for further information.

11. What are the bed base covers made of and how should I wash them?
Dorelan Bed Base Covers are made of anti-dust fabric with special non-slip inserts that are designed to be placed in contact with the bed base to enhance mattress stability. A bed base cover also contributes to the overall hygiene of your bed system.
All Dorelan bed base covers are machine washable and clear maintenance instructions, including washing instructions, are provided on the product. Please see the Bed Base Cover product page for further information.
12.What are the Pillow Covers made of and how should I wash them?
The Sleep Pillow Cover is made of soft, breathable Fibersan and has been created for those who want a fresh, natural feeling of well-being during rest.
All Dorelan pillow covers are machine washable and clear maintenance instructions, including washing instructions, are provided on the product.
Please see the Sleep Pillow Cover poduct page for further information.
13. What is a “Bed System”?
We call all the elements that come together to make your bed a "Bed System": the mattress, pillows, bed (or mattress support + bed base + headboard) and all the accessories (bed base cover, mattress cover and pillow covers). The "Dorelan Bed System" has been designed to achieve a perfect functional balance between its components to offer high sleep quality for better quality of life.
14. What are “Comfort Zones”?
The independent pocket spring mattresses in the Dorelan collections feature a special internal structure which gives different areas of the mattress (such as the neck area, shoulder area, hip area and leg area) firmer or softer support to suit the area of the body concerned. This technology gives every area of the body the most appropriate support so that the mattress delivers perfectly ergonomic comfort.
15. What does 7-zone comfort mean?
It means there are 7 Comfort Zones for outstanding ergonomic performance that gives the body firmer or softer support where it's needed.
16. What is Myform?
Myform is a high-technology polyurethane foam designed by Dorelan. Comfortable, ergonomic and breathable thanks to its innovative molecular structure, it moulds perfectly to the body's contours, providing support that tailors itself to every physique and a soft welcoming feel.
17. Do Dorelan products have hypo-allergenic and anti-dust mite properties?
Dorelan's Fibersan fabric benefits from a natural anti-dust mite treatment based on essential oils of Lemon, Lavender and Eucalyptus.
Fibersan also complies with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
18. How long does it take to "get used to" a new mattress?
When you change your mattress after years of use, it's entirely normal to go through an "adaptation" period, especially if you've changed the entire bed system, including the bed base! After a month of physiological adaptation to the new system (a period that varies depending on how big the change is, such as for example switching from a traditional spring mattress to an innovative Myform product or vice versa), we undoubtedly start appreciating the benefits of the new product for our sleep.
19. Do Dorelan mattresses need maintenance?
Yes, the Dorelan mattresses need mainteinance, defined under the Dorelan guarantee, downlodable on the site on the Guarantee  page.
20. Should I turn my mattresses?
Yes,  Dorelan mattresses need to be turned periodically, according to the indications in the Dorelan Guarantee, on the Guarantee page. In the first 4 months after purchase, you should turn the mattress (head to foot) as frequently as possible so that the resilient material from which the product is made settles evenly. After four months have passed from the date of purchase you can reduce this to twice per year. Turn the mattress over (top to bottom) at every change of season.
21. Can I use a Dorelan mattress with any kind of support or does it need a special bed base?
Dorelan has designed its mattresses to be used in a slat bed base system, which enhances their performance. Metal mesh bed bases are very definitely not recommended since they will damage the mattress and have a negative impact on sleep quality.
Adjustable bed bases, whether manual or electric, are also advised against since our springing does not provide the flexibility required by the movement of an adjustable base (raising the head and/or raising the foot).

22. Are Dorelan mattresses suitable for children?
Absolutely! Dorelan mattresses are ergonomic and provide appropriate spinal support for children and adults alike.
23. Can Dorelan Pillows be used with any type of mattress?
All Dorelan products offer the same high quality. Which type of pillow you prefer is a matter of personal choice.


1. Who can I approach with any questions I may have about the products I want to buy?
You are welcome to contact our Customer Service, with any questions you may have. Their specialist staff will be delighted to help you with the informed technical support you need from Monday to Friday, you can contact us by email at info@sleepbymsc.com.

2. How can I buy my Dorelan products online?
It's very easy to buy Dorelan products online. Simply click the product you want, then select the quantity and size you prefer. You can add products to your Basket by clicking "Buy Now". Complete your purchases by clicking “Checkout” and entering your personal information, delivery address and preferred method of payment. You will then be able to confirm your order

after which you will receive a confirmation email summarising your purchase.

3. How do I choose the correct mattress size?
The mattress size you need depends on the size of your bed base.
So, you will need to measure the width and length of your bed base, always measuring from the outer edge of the frame. The mattress should have the same dimensions as the bed base.

4. I can't add a product to my Basket. What should I do?
Please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service if you experience any technical problems during a purchase.

5. I can't complete my order. What should I do?
If you have already filled in the required fields, checked your personal details and consented to data processing, please contact our Customer Service regarding any other problems writing to the email address info@sleepbymsc.com.

6. Can I make changes to my order before paying?
Yes, you can change your order at any time before confirming it.

7. Which methods of payment do you accept?
We accept payment by any of the following: Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer in advance.

8. I have selected payment by Bank Transfer but now want to change my method of payment. What should I do?
Contact our Customer Service, asking them to cancel your order with payment by Bank Transfer. Once it has been cancelled, you can proceed with a new order, selecting the method of payment you prefer.

9. Is your online store secure?
Yes, your purchases at our online store are totally secure. Your Credit Card or PayPal account details are encrypted and not stored on our server.
We use MultiSafepay, Europe's No. 1 Internet payment service provider, which uses the latest innovative encryption systems to protect personal data and ensure maximum transaction security.

10. I can't proceed with my payment. What should I do?

Before confirming payment, please check that the data you have entered are correct. If your data have been confirmed but you are still experiencing problems, please contact our Customer Service.

11. Can I change my order before delivery?
An order can't be changed once it has been despatched. Please do contact our Customer Service, however, who will work with you to identify the best solution for your needs.

12. Can I change the delivery address?
The delivery address can only be changed before despatch. If the products have already left the warehouse, we will not, unfortunately, be able to make any changes and the carrier will have to make a first delivery attempt.

13. I have changed my mind or made a mistake in my order. Can I cancel it?
Please email our Customer Service promptly if you would like to cancel your order. Your purchase can be cancelled up until it is consigned to the carrier. It will no longer be possible to cancel your order once the products have been entrusted to the carrier.

14. Can I make a business purchase?
Unfortunately, our Online Store is for retail customers only.

15. Do the prices shown include VAT?
All the prices on the website are VAT excluded.
The VAT payment will be paid to Swiss customs (7.7% of the value of the total amount) upon delivery of the product.

16. Where can I see my order details?
After you have completed your order, you will receive a confirmation email summarising the products purchased and your contact information. Please check that everything in it is correct. You can also see all your previous orders when you log in to your User Area.


1. Where do you deliver Dorelan products bought in the Online Store?
We can deliver in Switzerland. Please advise us in case you live in areas difficult to reach. We cannot guarantee delivery to remote areas and towns, such as mountain areas  or extreme outlying areas. Please contact our Customer Service for further information on delivery exceptions.

2. What are your delivery charges?
Delivery in is not included. You can find the cost in the check out step.

3. What are your delivery times?
Delivery is usually completed within 20 working days.

4. Do you deliver to apartments on upper floors?
Yes, delivery to upper floors is included without limitation. Delivery includes positioning the product/s in your home

5. Do you assemble the bed base/s in the customer's home?
We do not offer this service but can assure you that assembly is extremely simple: each bed base is already semi-assembled and you only need to screw on the legs. You can see the instructions in the assembly PDF that can be downloaded from this link. link.

6. Will you take away our old bed/s?
We do not offer this service. Please contact your local council for information on how to dispose of your old bed. If it is in good condition, consider the good deed of donating it to a CHARITY or NON-PROFIT ORGANISATION. 


1. How long is my mattress guaranteed for?
Dorelan products are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of delivery. For more details of the guarantee covering the product you have bought, please download the relevant document from the link in the “Guarantee” section of the website. Guarantee”.

2.Do you provide after-sales service?
Yes, of course. Whatever problem you have or information you require, simply contact our Customer Service by email at info@sleepbymsc.com, providing the order number shown on your confirmation of purchase.

3. The product I have received has a defect. What can I do?
Customer Service completing the related Return Form in the section of the website, "Right of Withdrawal" and sending proof of the defect or nonconformity. Dorelan will assess the nature of the defect and notify you of the procedure to follow.

4. The product I have received isn't the product I ordered. Can I exchange it?
Please contact Customer Service, completing the related Return Form in the "Right of Withdrawal" section of the website, and sending a photo of the product received. We will inform you of the procedure to follow as soon as possible.

5. I am not satisfied with the product I have received. Can I return it?
You can request a return within 14 days of taking delivery of your product (or your last product in the case of a multiple-product order), completing the related form in the "Right of Withdrawal" section of the website.

6. How should I send my return back?
You can send the product back yourself, suitably packed in appropriate packaging, or use our chargeable returns service. See the "Right of Withdrawal" section of the website for further information.
Please Note: The product/s must be packaged optimally to prevent any damage during their return journey for you to be entitled to our Guarantee or Returns Service.

7. I have returned a product. How will I be refunded?
You will be refunded using the same method of payment you chose for your purchase. If you paid by Bank Transfer, please inform Customer Care of your bank account details.

8. When will I receive my return refund?
We will process your refund after we have received and inspected your return at our warehouse. Returns are inspected within an average of 3 days from their arrival at the warehouse. .


1. How do I register?

By creating an account. Click on the icon in the top right-hand area of the website and enter your details

2.. I've forgotten my username and/or password. How can I recover them?
Enter the User Area and click "Forgotten password?". Your username/password will be sent to the email address you entered when registering

3. Where can I sees my previous orders?
In your User Area, accessed by entering your username and password.

4. Can I make a purchase without registering on the site?
Yes, you can make your purchases without registering on the site.

5. Where can I check my order status?
You can check your order status in your User Area.

6. What is the User Area and what's it for?
The User Area allows you to monitor the status of your order and track its delivery, enter one or more delivery addresses, change your personal information and display your previous orders.