Sleep Cover Plus Mattress Topper

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Sleep Cover Plus is the mattress topper in the Sleep by MSC collection with a core of Myform Memory Air, a material combining the high breathability of Myform Air® with the renowned temperature-sensitive and slow springback properties of Myform Memory® to create a product that brings soft comfort to your rest.

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Sleep Cover Plus is the Myform Memory Air mattress topper in the Sleep by MSC collection that brings extra comfort and protection to any type of mattress thanks to its hypo-allergenic Myform Memory Air® filling. The non-woven resin and polyester protective fabric used, held securely in place by elastic on the underside that passes around the mattress at the corners, makes the Sleep Cover Mattress Topper a practical, long-lasting and extremely versatile choice.
Filling: Myform Memory Air® Quilting: Comfort Suite® Height: 3 cm approx. Fabric: Fiberbugs® hypo-allergenic stretch fabric


Sleep Cover Plus brings soft comfort with its hypo-allergenic 350 g/sq. m HSC polyester microfibre filling. What's more, a quilted D-Foam Anti-Sinking support layer of high-density technical foam ensures uniform support, while the non-woven resin and polyester fibre protective fabric makes for a long service life.


Sleep Cover Plus features a system for securely attaching it to the mattress using elastic across the corners on its underside, so you enjoy a feeling both of comfort and support.

Sleep Cover Plus Mattress Topper